Luxury and natural light photography

Birch is a beautiful 450 sq. ft. room with 20 ft. high ceilings and classic grey hardwood floors. The room has lots of natural light from a large East facing window. Birch has a dramatic black interior with ornate designs and the main feature of this room is the magnificent Greco-Roman inspired arch that is sure to be a beautiful backdrop for any portrait. And finally, Birch’s most striking feature is the ostentatious magenta double doors with intricate moulding. Birch is the perfect room for anyone who wants to make an impression.

sq ft

  • 450 sq. ft. room with 20 ft. high ceilings
  • Lots of natural light from large east facing window
  • Dramatic black interior with ornate designs
  • Magnificent Greco-Roman inspired arch
  • Striking magenta accent door
  • Luxurious designer furniture
Time only 8am to 8pm

Rates & Time

  • If you are booking after hours please confirm your booking with an administrator to be on the safe side.
  • Bookings can be made for up to ten people Should you have a bigger party please contact us to make arrangements.
$ 95 Per hour

Day’s 8am-8pm
$ 140 Per hour
Night’s 8pm-8am

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20% off on Half day and 30% off on Full day

For photography use only. For video production rates please contact us

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