Luxury and natural light photography

Willow is a spacious 700sq. ft. room with a 20ft. high ceiling, grey hardwood floors and lots of beautiful and airy natural light from the two north and south facing windows. The first thing you will see when you enter this room is the elegant white interior with intricate designs and a fireplace positioned beautifully in the center. On the opposite side, Willow features a gorgeous custom, hand-painted Venetian plaster wall that adds texture and interest which is beautifully complemented by our Parisian-inspired green doors. Willow is perfect to capture elegant and classic portraits for any occasion.

sq ft

  • Spacious 700sq. ft. room with 20 ft. high ceilings
  • Ample natural light from North and South facing windows
  • Bright white interior
  • Classic grey hardwood floors
  • Intricate and luxuriously designed walls and fireplace
  • Venetian plaster accent wall in grey
  • Majestic Parisian-inspired green doors
Time only 8am to 8pm

Rates & Time

  • If you are booking after hours please confirm your booking with an administrator to be on the safe side.
  • Bookings can be made for up to ten people Should you have a bigger party please contact us to make arrangements.
$ 80 Per hour
Day’s 8am-8pm

$ 140 Per hour
Night’s 8pm-8am

Call for more details

20% off on Half day and 30% off on Full day

For photography use only. For video production rates please contact us

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